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Who are The Tampa Bay Rattlers?
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Who We Are

Tampa Bay Rattlers Softball & Mentoring, Inc. is a 509(a)(2) nonprofit organization. Our overall goal is to empower young girls through mentorship to provide them with valuable and proper tools in order for them to be successful. We are committed to showing all young females enrolled in our programs how that they can do anything they want to do. We strive to use our resources to ensure that we connect our girls with those in the community that can help uplift them and teach them skills they can use now and in the future.

Our mission is to decrease the amount of racial inequality of African Americans in softball, empower young African American girls through mentorship, and provide them with valuable tools so they can be successful. We do that by utilizing our resources, community, and networking to uplift and teach all participants skills they can use now and in the future. We also accomplish our mission by creating a diverse team from various backgrounds that offer various perspectives to create a positive impact in our girls lives and the community.

Our Vision is "to be who you needed when you were growing up."

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Our Softball Team

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